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Our address is:28 B Sheen Lane
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" I had 3 months of treatment and this combined with a positive attitude seems to have resulted in a beautiful baby girl,so many thanks and I will be back soon."
    Mrs Thompson,Richmond  

"I have had 2 months of fertility treatment until I fell pregnant.Now I am back for sickness to get me through the next few months, but I feel of great after ever session."
    Ms Haynes,East Sheen 

"I come with chronic knee pain from cycling.After a course of acupuncture, I left the clinic pain free. I recommend you that Total Wellbeing Dr Zhou has an excellent manner and amazing skills."
    Mr Glassow,Earling

"As someone who prefers natural remedies and treatments,I have discovered the benefits of holistictreatments such as herbs and acupunctureand have been very fortunate to find a specialist who is also a doctor. I have been very satisfied during the last seven years."
    Tony Butler,Manger Director,Earling




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