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Our address is:28 B Sheen Lane
East Sheen
London SW14 8LW

020 8878 8438

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Discover the natural way to total wellbeing. Whether it's
pain relief,stress relief, a stronger immune system or
treatment for disease,we’re your total, local complemen-
tarymedicine treatment centre.We’re a new company with
brandnew local premises, so we’re on hand to put your
needs first. Staffed by practitioners trained in conven-
tional and complementary medicine, we also boast over 20
years’ clinical experience. So, you can be sure your health
and wellbeing are in the safest hands.Our service is
totally free of side effects, and we offer a quick service
and diagnosis, in a holistic approach that sets us apart
from others. We also offer virtually every complementary
treatment under one roof and a personal service that you
won’t find anywhere else.
As someone who prefers natural
remedies and treatments,I have discovered the benefits of holistictreatments such as herbs and acupunctureand have been very fortunate to find a specialist who is also a doctor. I have been very satisfied during the last seven years.”

Tony Butler Manger Director Earling


Immediate attention,Personal service and
holistic treatment at your local complemen-
tary medicine treatment center



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